Review: Anything for You (Coming Home #2.5) by Jessica Scott

Anything for You is a short story by Jessica Scott that revisits Shane Garrison and Jen St. James from Because of You, the first book in the Coming Home series. In this story we become reacquainted with Sergeant First Class Shane Garrison, who is making serious strides in recovering from the wounds he received while deployed. the love of his life, and nurse, Jen St. James is still recovering from the scare of possibly losing him before having a real chance to have a relationship, and her own brush with death, is ready to have a family and continue moving forward. however, the possibility of losing Jen scares Shane more than he can express. His fears for the future might cause more problems than any of the scars the pair wear.

I loved, loved, loved Because of You. Loved it! Now that I have gotten that clear, I need to tell you how excited I was when I received an email from Jessica Scott offering me a copy of Anything for You. The mere idea of revisiting Shane and Jen had me smiling before I even started reading. Anything for You begins with Shane and Jen really settling in to living together, and the routines that come with the idea of permanent cohabitation. Then, the discussions about the future get Shane a little concerned. he is terrified that the children Jen desperately wants to have will put her life at risk. However, being a alpha male and uncomfortable about fear and weakness his communication skills fail and leads to conflict. This is truly a story about facing your fears and moving forward with life, regardless of how scare it might be. It was nice to see a love story continue on past the initial 'happy ever after'.

I highly recommend Anything for You to all fans of Jessica Scott and Because of You. Oh, and if you like contemporary romance, particularly ones that accurately portray military life, and have not read Because of You, go read it. Seriously, go get it now, place a hold at the library, run to a book store, or pay Amazon a visit. Honestly, you'll thank me later.
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