Early Book Review: Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks

Highlander Most Wanted is the second historical romance in the The Montgomerys and Armstrongs series by Maya Banks. It is scheduled for release on March 19 2013. To see my review of the first book in the series, Never Seduce a Scot, click here. While reading the series in order will certainly help readers better understand the characters, and the back story, you could easily pick up Highlander Most Wanted and enjoy it on its own merits, however since I enjoyed the first novel, I would suggest reading it first for the pure enjoyment factor.

In Highlander Most Wanted, we get a better glimpse of a hooded figure that was of much help in Never Seduce a Scot. Genevieve McInnes hides behind a hood whenever possible. She has been held captive by the now dead Ian McHugh, and despite the disdain she receives from just about everyone, still acts as a champion to those remaining at the keep when Patrick McHugh leaves them to fend for themselves. When the Montgomerys and Armstrongs come to claim the keep, Genevieve just wants to be allowed a peaceful life behind an abbey's walls,  but instead she finds herself aiding the McHugh clan and helping Bowen Montgomery protect it. What neither Bowen or Genevieve expected was his infatuation with her, and his efforts to both protect her and make her happy. Can they both see past all of Genevieve's scars (inside and out) and the complications of their situation to find love and happiness.

Highlander Most Wanted is a story of rich characters. Genevieve and Bowen are emotionally complex and intelligent individuals, that also seem to often put others ahead of themselves. Bowen, his brothers, and the complex relationship with the Armstrong, are all great aspects of the story. The way Bowen interacts with the other men, as a leader and someone that can think about the larger picture even when it does not benefit him, make me really like him as a character. I found Genevieve to be intimidatingly strong. I do not know that I could have acted like her, with compassion and strength, after what she had endured. Her willingness to forgive and understand others, especially when they did not deserve it humbled me. I will say that in relation to this there are a few 'godly moments' but they are not many.

I love the fact that the love story in Highlander Most Wanted is complicated. There are several different issues that the pair has to face; Genevieve's family, her captivity and the abuses she faced, and the actions she took to protect herself and others. Bowen and Genevieve face enormous hurtles to reach happy ever after, and I enjoyed that instead of just sweeping them under the rug, Banks had the characters deal with them head on, one at a time. Too often in romance novels of every kind we see characters just shrug off an issue that could, and often should, cause huge problems at some point in the relationship.  That is how real relationship thrive, communication and dealing with problems rather than just turning our backs on them.

I recommend Highlander Most Wanted to readers that have enjoyed other books by Banks, particularly those that have read and enjoyed Never Seduce a Scot. This romance has depth in every aspect; plot, characters, and conflict. It is definitely worth a look.
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