Early Book Review: Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis

Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis is the latest book taking place in the town of Lucky Harbor. It is scheduled for release on July 31 2012. Grace is the adopted daughter of two scientists working to save the world. They have always had high expectations for Grace, and she has always strive to reach those goals, but lately she has been falling short. Down and out in Lucky Harbor Grace has found good friends and is working odd jobs to pay her expenses. The overwhelmed Doctor Josh Scott calls Grace to walk his dog, and after some crazy adventures and chemistry Grace is soon dog watcher, nanny, and counselor to Josh's sister. Neither Grace or Josh are looking for a relationship, but chemistry and love have different plans for them.

Forever and a Day is a fun, and funny, romance. Shalvis has yet to disappoint me, I know when I pick up a novel with her name on the cover that there will be sparks, strong characters, and a solid resolution. This book held up to that reputation. Grace and Josh each have their own issues and come together with intense chemistry, wit, and strong minds. I like that Grace and Josh are both intelligent, caring characters ad that the secondary characters are so dynamic. Lucky Harbor is full of fun, quirky characters and they enhance each story.

I recommend Forever and a Day (and all the Luck Harbor books) to readers that love contemporary romance, characters that are intelligent and well written, humor. and situations that seem crazy in the moment but feel like they could completely happen to you. Alright, so maybe that last part is just me. I am hooked on Lucky Harbor, and want to see even more about this town and its residents.
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