Early Book Review: Curses for Sale by Steve Brezenoff

Curses for Sale by Steve Brezenoff is a children's chapter book scheduled for release on August 1 2012. This book is part of the ongoing Ravens Pass series, in which each book is stand alone, connected by the strange events that all have a connection to the strange town of Ravens Pass. Jace Thomas, his father, and little sister drive through Ravens Pass in hopes of escaping traffic. In the process, Jace's father gets to act on his love of tag sales while in town. At the tag sale Jace also finds a car, meant for younger children, but he can fit and it is just cool enough that he does not care. When they bring home the car strange and dangerous things start happening. Is the toy cursed? 

Curses for Sale is a fun and slightly spooky book for children around 9 to 13 years old. It was not a challenging read, and I kind of saw the ending coming, although the epilogue did hold nice extra bit of story.I liked the book, liked the idea, but was not amazed. It reminded me of many of the spooky stories I have read or watched in the past. It is good for what it is, but is not exceptional. Readers that have a fondness for the Goosebumps series will enjoy it, and those that have started to outgrow the My Wierd School and other easier series might find this as a good next step.
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