Picturebook Review: Frog and Fly by Jeff Mack

Frog and Fly by Jeff Mack is a picturebook that is made up of six short stories about a frog and the flies he meets. As you might expect, the frog enjoys eating flies, and tricking them to make his snacking easier. In the last story, frog has the tables turned, and what he thinks is a hairy fly might just be the end to frog. Each of the stories is short on words, closer to a comic strip or graphic novel rather than a picturebook with the ratio or story told through the words versus pictures. The collection is cute, fun, and funny. I think it would be perfect for beginning and emerging readers because of the high entertainment value paired with simple words.

Frog and Fly's six stories feature a battle of wits between a frog and a series of flies. The mixed-media illustrations and simple words make the story fun for all ages. Each encounter between frog and fly made me smile, and had my kids giggling. The fly's final success, winning the battle of wits, can help start a discussion about using your mind instead of strength to get your way. It could also start a discussion about not underestimating those smaller than you, and not being too greedy with your flies or anything else you really like.
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