Early Book Review: Are You Sleeping Little One? by Hans-Christian Schmidt and Cynthia Vance

Are You Sleeping Little One? by Hans-Christian Schmidt, Cynthia Vance, Andrea Nemet, and Laura Lindgren is set for publication on August 28 2012. The book shows young children how over a dozen baby animals go to sleep. It is a cute little book for bedtime with attractive, soothing pictures.
Are You Sleeping Little One? does not display a new concept, showing young animals asleep. In fact it is used in a few bedtime favorites. However, some of the animals used here are ones I have not seen in this kind of book before. I liked seeing how flamingos, sloths, and moles slept; although there are still the standard duck, snake, and bat. So while old ground is covered, there is some new scenery as well. My only other sticking point with the book is the rhyme, there are a couple that just did not flow for me. While most of the rhyme is fairly lyrical, there is the use of at least one sight rhyme, instead of true rhymes. All things considered, this is a cute book worth adding to the bedtime arsenal if you are sick of reading Time For Bed but want a similar story.
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