Early Book Review: Forbidden by Nicola Cornick

In Forbidden by Nicola Cornick is a historical romance scheduled for release on August 21 2012.  Margery Mallon has managed to stay above reproach, even though she occasionally stops by the local brothel, has been a lady's maid to some scandalous ladies, and have brothers that are neck-deep in criminal activity. Henry Atticus Richard Wardeaux is every inch the proper, overly handsome gentleman. He is and current heir to a vast fortune and estate. However, Margery could be the long-lost granddaughter of Henry's godfather, and he is determined to follow the sickly man's wishes and determine who Margery really is. an undeniable attraction, and concerns that her initial disappearance was no accident, keep Henry on his toes and keep Margery guessing. Will she accept her role in the ton and follow their rules, or will Margery deny it all in the name of freedom and hope for marriage forged in love rather than duty. Meanwhile Henry struggles to follow duty rather than his own desire.

is a well written historical romance. The characters, particularly Margery and Henry, were well detailed and consistent in personality which is not always a given. the scenario and solution are not unexpected, and can likely be found in other books, but the characters and love scenes keep the majority of the story above the ordinary. I was a little disappointed to find that there are related books that i had not read, so was left out of some of the history and inside jokes that thread through the series. However, each book must stand alone, so I was not missing any vital information for this particular book.

I enjoyed the read, and there were moments that knocked certainly my socks of, but as a whole I can only say that it is a good read rather that an amazing one. Forbidden was good. It was well written, the characters were not flat, and some of the love scenes were extremely steamy. if you have read other books by Nicola Cornick and enjoyed them, you will certainly enjoy this. If you like romance with strong women and hot moments, then you will enjoy the book. I just did not find it to be an overall outstanding book, but a good book with some outstanding aspects.
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