In Case You Missed it..

On Saturday I had my very first guest post. I rambled on about reading series, and the pitfalls and successes that are prevalent in those books. If you are interested in my thoughts, and would like to share your own, please visit Ahmad Darkside's Musings. Here is the first paragraph of that guest post:

I read, and I read a lot. I can find something good and something bad in just about everything I read. This includes my favorite, and least favorite reads. However, one thing that always makes me sad is an idea or series that starts with incredible potential, and then starts to falter. Sometimes this happens early, and you only need to read the first couple books before calling it quits. Other series keep you entertained into double digits before you can finally let go, or simply keep reading because you do not want to miss your big question being answered or the former level of quality returns. There are many series in adult and young adult that have kept me reading well past the point where I was reading more out of obligation than interest, and on rare occasions this has pleasantly surprised me. However, in most cases I either stop reading the series (eventually) or just hope it ends sometime soon.
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