U is for Unique- A to Z Challenge

U is for unique. Anyone that reads a lot is bound to run into books that feel familiar, even if they are new reads by a new author. Some themes, conventions, conflicts, names, whatever seem to be used more often than others and become familiar. There are also authors that have written the same type of book, or books from the same series, for so long that they all sort feel the same. This is not always a bad thing, sometimes it is comforting to wrap yourself in a comfortable, familiar world and read.

However, a book that feels new, a book with a unique story or twist can really shake things up. These are often not the most popular books, because they often make the readers think or take them out of their comfort zone. As an avid reader, I am inordinately excited to find a book that is unique, even if I do not particularly enjoy the reading process. If a book entertains or informs me WHILE being new and unique, they are quickly added to my list of books I need to recommend to others. Books on my list range from picture books to off adult non fiction, because you never know when an author's voice or take on something will be exciting and new. Though I will admit that I struggle to read that balance, an enjoyable or informative but unique experience, I do not believe I have reached it. I strive for that balance with all of my creative endeavors.

How do you feel when you read or encounter truly unique? Does it excite you or make you uncomfortable?
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