T is for Testing- A to Z Challenge

T is for Test. Testing does not stop with school. Every single day includes tests. Tests of your limits, abilities, patience, endurance, and so on. Children, and every living creature, test their limits daily. They want to see how far they can go, what they can get away with, and what they can do for themselves.

Then there are the days that test you more than you are quite prepared for. The days of bad news, or good news; the days that will change the way you look at yourself and others. There are also the days where only your sanity and patience are tested, but continually. Yesterday was one of those days that tested my sanity- everything that could go wrong did, but nothing incredibly important. Simply every single annoyance and frustration that could creep up did. From not being able to find my shoes, to an exploding coffee pot, to not getting this post up on time- but enough of that. I know that the day is done, and am glad that nothing serious happened, only a singularly bad day.

So, to start this day a little better than yesterday, and ignore the lingering headache, i will test my own limits today as my children test my noise tolerance levels. Can I push past the lingering annoyances and rise above them? So often I concentrate on the tests put before me by other people, society, and daily life. Today I will will concentrate on the tests I put before my self; to be the best and most creative, understanding, and thoughtful me that I can be.

What tests do you face today, or during life in general?

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