Q is for Quest- A to Z Challenge

Q is for Quest. Is it ironic that I have been quietly questing and questioning what to write about for some of the more challenging letters (like Q) since taking on this challenge? After picking Quest, I began questioning what to write about, and decided to return to my quest to live the happiest life I can, and offer my children the same.

My quest has taken many forms in the last few years.I have ventured into freelance writing, blogging, book reviews, and increased my reading somehow. I have found, and found a way to pay for, a preschool for the kids that I trust and the kids love. They have each grown and learned so much since starting. I have changed my cooking and eating habits to offer my family the healthiest food I can. I think we have been successful since my kids prefer fruits and veggies to just about everything, except maybe bread. My husband is off all medication for diabetes, which he was diagnosed with prior to our diet changes. 

My quest has taken turns in the last two years, increasing my gardening and home made health and beauty products, which I talked about yesterday, so I will not bore you with more about that. However, I have been making efforts to grow more and more food and herbs, and doing so in green and creative ways. In turn, those quest efforts have fueled more writing, and more ideas, which in turn fuel more articles. It is a fun cycle, but one I do not always take full advantage of.

My next step in the quest to have a fulfilling life and secure the same for the rest of my family? Continuing on and seeing where it takes me. When everyone is in school full time, should be September of 2013, I can step up my endeavors to earn money while doing what I live. Perhaps more library hours, perhaps going back to school, perhaps writing more, perhaps making more candles and skin care products or jewelry to sell, or maybe it will be something new by then. Much can happen in a year and a half.

What is your current quest? Where do you think it will take you?
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