O is for Options- A to Z Challenge

O is for options. Lately I have been pondering options, and taking steps to make the most of the opportunities those options allow me. I have the option to sit on my tush doing nothing, or reading, or writing, or crafting, or whatever (between taking care of and playing with the kids). I have been focusing on the reading and writing- but I am branching out. I am taking more time to explore my crafting options- though I am still writing and reading.

I have been experimenting with greener options for feeding my family, hair care, skin care, and cleaning products. As my garden of viable herbs and skill at creating increases, so does my drive to do more. Between experimenting with creating products for myself and writing articles about the recipes that I have been working with, an I getting set to ramp up production. So, I am stocking up on oils, wax, and other supplies to start selling on Esty and possibly in a local health food store that works with local vendors.

Every time I consider all the options, I start to get overwhelmed. There are so many herbs, flowers, and trees I have access to that smell great and have beneficial properties. There are so many ideas in my head. So, I write them down. I list my options and try to start small, but the ideas keep getting out of control, since there are so many options. Then, reality enters and I think about the little things that I need to do before getting lost in the more entertaining big things. Before creating lip balms, hand cream, candles, and such that are coming into existence around me I need to take care of practical matters like a name and labels. And again, the options multiple and need to be written down and organized. (I am thinking of a play on at least one of my kid's name in the name, but still playing with it.)

Every time I think I am out of options, or have the viable ones organized, new ones can be found. I just need to look a little harder. The harder options are to find, the more likely they are sitting right in front of me, but frustration, depression, or grief are hiding them from view.
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