Book Review: Courtney Crumrin Volume 1 by Ted Naifeh

Courtney Crumrin Volume 1: The Night Things Special Edition by Ted Naifeh is graphic novel suitable for older children, young adults, and adults. Courtney's parents are simple, they just want money and a little power but are clueless about everything else. When they have spent all their money and stretched their credit to the limit they decide to move the family in with Great Uncle Aloysuis under the premise that they will be taking care of him in his old age. The family house is creepy and full of secrets, which Courtney discovers fairly early on. She is an outspoken and sassy character that does not fit in, and refuses to be like her parents. As she discovers the hidden world around her, Courtney gains some control over that world.

Courtney Crumrin is a fun and creepy graphic novel, with some very dark aspects fairy tales. Courtney is struggling in a culture that is all about money and status when she does not care for any of that. She, instead, gains knowledge and a little power in the world that most everyone is ignoring. Children disappear in the woods, and no one seems to care. I think this is more about people only seeing what they want to see, rather than them ignoring the fact that goblins have eaten their child. How many people today are more focused on status than what their teens, or younger children, are doing?

Courtney Crumrin
is a dark but very interesting graphic novel. The artwork is unique, and does a good job or portraying Courtney and her uncle as separate from the rest of the characters. The only thing that could have made this a better story, is further development and detail abut Uncle Aloysuis and the relationship Courtney has with him. However, reading the summaries for the volumes that follow this, I am confident that this does take shape in the series. I will definitely read the future volumes to see where it goes.
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