Early Book Review: Alphabet Everywhere by Elliott Kaufman

Alphabet Everywhere by Elliott Kaufman is a picturebook scheduled for release on May 8 2012. This book uses photographs to illustrate the letters of the alphabet. The alphabet images are not always the expected, and some take a little extra time to recognize, but that just make it more interesting. The letters come from nature, construction, shadows, and anything in the world around us. I think it teaches a great lesson that you can find letters, shapes, and wonder everywhere in the world around us if only we take a moment to look around. Reinforcing this idea in children and adults alike can not hurt. 

I highly recommend Alphabet Everywhere to libraries, schools, and personal libraries. This collection of photographs of letters found our surroundings will inspire you, and the children that look at this book, to look a little closer at their surroundings. Perhaps it can spark a discussion about looking deeper, or the start of your own game of searching for things that look like letters in your own backyard or during a walk or car ride.
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