J is for Joy- A to Z Challenge

After yesterdays post, I needed to change focus a little. So today, J is for Joy. Joy might seem allusive, if you focus only on the big moments of joy. But, joy can be found every single day. I woke up this morning, which might not seem joyful at first glance, since per usual it was far too early. However, on waking I was able to get up, get my children and myself up, dressed, and fed.

My husband, children, and I are all healthy and able to be up and moving every single day. This is cause for joy, because there are so many that are lacking the most basic things that I take for granted- like the children that wake me every morning. There are people that long for children, a partner, a family. The fights the kids have each morning about breakfast might drive me to distraction, but we have enough resources for there to be choices. Some people do not have enough to eat a breakfast at all. Never mind the discussions about lunch, snacks, and dinner. All of the minor annoyances of each day include more little things that I can find joy in, if I just take the time to see.

I greatly dislike public speaking, but today I am joining with other parents and taking my turn talking about my job at my children's school. Instead of focusing on the trepidation I have about the situation, I should recognize the joy that I can gain from the fact that I have a job to talk about in during career month. I should take joy in the fact that I have the time and capability to do this, even though it does not instantly fill me with delight. I will take a moment and enjoy the joy it will bring my son.

I bet you can find joy in today too. And I bet I will get back to books and writing themed discussions soon too. Although finishing that book that I can not seem to read until after everyone is in bed will bring me great joy this evening, even as I work to find joy in each of the distractions.
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