I is for Infuriating, A to Z Challenge.

I is for infuriating.  What do I find so troubling that I am writing about it in the early morning? Well, many things, but in this case it is people. Not all people, but the mob mentality and people that refuse to respect other people. I am huge on respect, lack of respect is a sure way to push my buttons and infuriate me. I respect people until they prove to me that I should not, and then I will still treat them with the respect and courtesy that I want in return. It drives me insane when people treat others badly because of their appearance, beliefs, culture, or for no reason at all.  I do not care if we look different, if we think differently, talk differently, want different things, or anything of that nature. People are people, and underneath everything we are the same. The only thing that will change my respect level for you is how you treat yourself and others. If you show me that you have no respect for others, or yourself, then I am not likely to respect you in turn, but again I will treat you they way I want to be treated. Because that is what i want, and how my parents raised me.

The current culture has me wanting to kick people, but I won't. I respect others that have strong convictions and live their own lives by them. What makes me angry is when they insist that everyone else live by them as well. Yes, there are some things everyone should follow, like not hurting other people, but the specifics of when people do in their personal lives should not be up for public debate. I do not understand why one set of beliefs should hold sway over the way others practice religion or choose not to.

I hold firm in the belief that I should treat other people with love and respect as long as it does not put anyone's well being at risk. If I believe that something will put myself or another in danger, then I will speak up and try to remove the person in danger from the situation. However, it is not my duty to judge others in their actions, beliefs, lifestyles. etc. It is my job to be the best me I can, and to love them. That means letting them live their lives, be true to themselves, and be happy. Just because our visions differ, it does not mean that their views are any less valid than my own, or anyone else's.

This is completely not where I wanted to go with this, I was set to write about cultural prejudices and got a little sidetracked. I will get back there latter this month, maybe for my P post. Because I want to mention a few books and how some people enjoy spending time looking for things to be offended by. Another day.
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