Book Review: Cold Cereal by Adam Rex

Cold Cereal by Adam Rex is a children's chapter book that pairs conspiracies, experiments on children, and magic. It is the first book in a magically delicious trilogy, which I sincerely hope has books two and three published very soon. Scottish Play Doe and his sister Polly are new in town. Scott just wants to blend in and get through each day, preferably with out a migraine inducing hallucinations. Erno and Emily Utz are on the outside of the school circles, for the most part, and soon the three are good friends. Erno and Emily's foster father regularly leave the pair clues to solve riddles, which the super smart Emily almost always does first. Sounds reasonably normal thus far, but a strange little man trapped in a cage, a rabbit-man being hunted in the park, and a cereal company that hires physicists make life much more interesting. Goodco Cereal Company just might be draining the magic from creature to make their cereals, or are they trying to take over the world? Perhaps both? The full cast of characters is delightful and wacky, with several unexpected twists along the way.

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