Book Review: F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Tests Answers by Richard Benson

F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Tests Answers by Richard Benson is a young adult book that would be a fun read for all ages. Do you remember the days of studying hard for a test and then when the time comes completely blanking out on one or more questions? Perhaps you are still taking tests, or still having nightmares about taking tests. This book collects some of the more creative and entertaining answers given on tests in a variety of subjects. The book is divided into subjects matters; chemistry, biology, physics, math, business and technology, physiology, history and geography, and English. This clever answers left me wishing had had thought of some of these answers myself, or had the nerve to actually submit them to my teachers.

I ran across F in Exams when cataloging books for the young adult collection at work. I could not stop myself from browsing through and then checking the book out as soon as it was cataloged. The answers that some of the test takers have given are hysterical for being so completely off base, and others are so incredibly clever that they should have gotten points for the thought they put into it. The answers appear to be hand written in the book, in blue or black ink , complete with any illustrations the answer giver might have used to illustrate their point.

I recommend F in Exams for anyone in need of a good laugh. It is appropriate for readers of all ages, anyone that has ever taken a test can appreciate it. Whether you are deep in the stress of midterms, or barely remember taking academic tests at all, you can appreciate the humor and spunk that this book offers its readers. Pick it up, you will thank me later.
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