Early Book Review: Wolf Mark by Joseph Bruchac

Wolf Mark by Joseph Bruchac is a children's novel with the expected publication date of September 28 2011. This book will appeal to guys and girls around nine through their teens. The novel offers a unique take on legends paired with espionage and a variety of cultures. Luke King has a mixed heritage, and knows a great deal about a variety of other cultures because of his upbringing. His parents taught him about his Native American heritage, but thanks to his father working undercover, he also knows a multitude of foreign languages, self-defense and weaponry skills. He knows that because of all this, his childhood has been very far from normal. After his mother's death, Luke and his father are living in a trailer, and his father is drinking and doing drugs to dull the loss. Luke just wants to be normal, to blend in with the crowd. Then things start to get harder, Luke's friend and long time crush just might share his attraction, and a group of exchange students is becoming unnervingly interested in him, as is an executive at a local company. As things escalate, Luke discovers just how different he is when his father is taken and he uncovers new secrets about himself, his town, and his schoolmates.

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