Early Book Review: Blood Blockade Battlefront Volume 1 by Yasuhiro Nightow

Blood Blockade Battlefront Volume 1, a trade-paperback collection, by Yasuhiro Nightow is a new mini series from the creator of Trigun. This black and white manga has a publication date of September 14 2011. In this new series, the thin wall between the world we know and the netherworlds has ruptured in New York City, trapping the creatures that have crossed over and the residents already there trapped together inside an impenetrable bubble. When Blood Blockade Battlefront begins, New York City's residents of all natures have been stuck with each other for several years, though as with any closed society not everyone is happy. Creatures from the netherworld want more, and some want to breach that bubble and roam the world at large. While there is a police force, it is generally up to a team of super humans to keep evil plans from working and to keep people safe.

Readers are introduced to this group along with their newest recruit who happens to have something special as the rest of the team, even though he might not be who they bargained for. Leo is young, tenderhearted and has a unique eye for the creatures wandering the street. Leo has a handicapped sister and family on the other side of that bubble, and some guilt related to an incident during a family vacation to look through the fog obscuring the besieged New York City. He is desperate to make money to support his family, and jumps at the chance to join the organization, despite a minor issue of mistaken identity. There are quirky characters, insane creatures, wacky humor and fast action throughout the manga. The artistry is amazing and the story one that I want to follow to the conclusion. Fans of manga, particular the blend of humor and high action found in Trigun and other Nightow works, should add this to their must read list. Those that want to get started in reading manga might want to try Blood Blockade Battlefront, since it shows how fun and exciting this branch of the style can be. Those that do not enjoy manga, or graphic novels in general, are not likely to be swayed to sudden fandom, however it might give the necessary push to those wavering on the brink.
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