Early Book Review: Galaxy Games by Greg R. Fishbone

Galaxy Games: The Challengers by Greg R. Fishbone is a children's book due for release on September 28 2011. Tyler Sato is thrilled to have finally turned eleven. Despite some serious effort from his older sister, Tyler has a great birthday which includes a star named after him from his family in Japan. When his astronomer father brings Tyler and his friends to the observatory for a pizza party and chance to chart the star, something unexpected happens. The star seems to have appeared very recently, and his father starts studying the star. Soon astronomers around the world are watching, because the object dubbed TY SATO seems to be hurdling through space towards Earth. Meanwhile, up in space young M'Frozza is on a mission to find a team to take on the challenge of the Galaxy Games in place of her world's team, saving their planet from being dishonored in a universal sporting event. Can Tyler and M'Frozza, and maybe members of the human race, all come together in the honor and sportsmanship of the Galaxy Games?

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