Y is for yawn

Y is for yawn, though I am far from bored with blog challenges. I am almost always sleep deprived, but I am mother to two small children so that is not surprising. How much sleep, and caffeine, do you need to get through your morning without yawning? I remember my high school and college days, even my early twenties, when I seemed to need much less sleep than I desire these days. Ahhh.. to be energetic again, lol. People say that children keep you young. I think they just keep you tired but alert.
It was not until I physically needed more sleep than I got that I understand the frustration of parents and people who simply wanted more sleep or time in the day. It is only now that I am struck with the fact that the more you want sleep the less you will achieve. In converse, the more time you have to sleep, or the more others want you to sleep, the less you will sleep.
just writing this post has me yawning. Time for another cup of coffee to counteract the 4:30 wake up time of this morning.
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