T is Thanks

Okay, I am cheating and using the same title for Z to A as I did for A to Z, but I am going a different direction and was going to write this one way or another.

On this day after Mother's Day, T is for Thanks! Thank you to every mom regardless of how they came to gain that title. I include mothers through birth, adoption, foster care, and profession. Anyone that spends large amounts of their energy and time in nurturing and caring for others with little to no thanks. No mother is ever there long enough for those that they have cared for, whether we lose them after moments or a full lifetime. It has been less than a year since we lost my mother in law, and I know we lost her too soon. I was only five when we lost my paternal grandmother, and she was gone far too soon as well. I could be ninety myself, and losing my remaining grandmother or mother then would still be too soon. The unconditional love and caring is something that far too often is taken for granted. Mothers are teacher, nurses, housekeepers, storytellers, chefs, personal shoppers, and countless other things.

Again, I remind everyone to remember those that take on aspects of mothers in their chosen profession, because those men and women often care for their charges like mothers, and in some sad take more care with others than their biological mothers. Teachers, social workers, foster parents, teacher's aides, day care workers, librarians, anyone that embraces their nurturing spirit to make the lives of others better. They might not have the three am wake up calls and clean ups that I have, but they still suffer from the heart ache when those in their care struggle, fail to meet their potential, fall ill or die. When you feel that sort of emotion for a long string of students, patients or whoever but still keep giving then you have taken on the nurturing nature of a mother and are making a difference in the world, one person at a time. So thank you to the mothers of the soul, as well of those of nature, and all that they all do to try and keep mankind on the right path.
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