U is for Unusual Food Combinations

U is for Unusual Food Combinations. Have you ever seen someone eating something and just gone "Ugh! Gross" in your head? Of course, we all have. And there are some things that no taste test or conversation will ever be made appealing to me. Among these is my husband's habit of putting ketchup on pasta. He will add ketchup to egg noodles with butter or mac and cheese. Okay, I just gave myself the shivers thinking about it. I must move on to talk about more appetizing things.

I will admit to making some strange food combinations myself, most of which I learned from my father. First is my need to have baked beans and macaroni salad together, and I do not just mean on the same plate. First the macaroni salad gets put on the plate, then the beans right on top. Eat together and enjoy. Sounds weird, I know, but if you like both components I suggest giving it a try. My husband (yes again with his culinary particulars) takes this a step further, but adding a glob of mayo to his baked beans *shudder*. Another odd combination picked up from my father is one I have not had in years, and miss. Back in the days of having a huge garden, my parents would can, pickle, make jellies and all sorts of great stuff. My particular favorite, a chili sauce, they will still make on occasion so I get that fix. But they also made a green chili relish, like nothing I have ever found in the stores. Daddy used to put it on his hard boiled eggs. After multiple years of my yelling "gross!" (I was in grade school at the time, cut me some slack) he made me try it. I loved it. I wish I could have a hard boiled egg with that relish right now!

College introduced me to coffee, diet coke, baby carrots and Multi grain Cheerios (not all together). All fairly normal foods. But, I also learned to love peanut butter on oranges. Yup, oranges. You have probably seen peanut butter on apples, celery and any number of other foods, but I had never seen anyone try it with oranges before. I do not go around craving this taste combination, but it was surprisingly good!

Do you have a favorite unusual food combination? One that you have seen that bothers you more than any other?
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