S is for Seasons

S is for seasons, particularly Spring which has finally sprung. I love that there are four very different seasons, each with their own benefits and disadvantages. At least that holds true here in Connecticut. As much as I might dread the crazy snow storms and the humid, hot days in the midst of summer I would not give up my four distinct season and live in any other climate. I love Spring and Fall the most. The seasons of greatest change, and yard work. Winter and Summer certainly have their benefits as well, but do not call to me the way spring does. The promise of new life, new growth, new chances, new opportunities. With Fall comes harvests and the satisfaction of having seen everything reach its full growth for the season, allowing you to start the planning for what you might want to do differently next year. Getting the yard cleaned up and doing some of the preparation to get that plan for next year started.

Winter holds the promise of snow and turtlenecks. This past winter was extreme, but not unprecedented. It felt like it snowed for two months, with no thaw to melt it between days of accumulation. Makes me a little concerned for what extreme summer might take this year. Will we be hot, hot, hot or just warm, or warm and damp? Anything could happen.

What is your favorite season? Do you like the seasons where you live or are you craving warmer, sunnier days year round?
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