R is for te Real You

Everyone talks about being 'real'. About being your true or real self, and how that is the best way to be. While I certainly agree that no one should be lying about who they are, or pretending to be something they are not, who is the real me? Sometimes I feel like I have several different mes. The daughter, the sister, the wife, the mom, the singer, the drummer, the librarian, the reader, the writer.. and so on. Even in some of those titles there variations. In something as simple as book love there are very different aspects to me. I have a degree in literature, so as one might expect I have a sincere love for the classics. But I also have a deep and abiding love for what others would consider fluff- great romance novels, science fiction, urban fantasy, mysteries, and the bad versions of all of the above that are so bad that they are amusing. I also have a huge appreciation for children's literature and young adult fiction. It is tremendously hard to write a great picturebook- getting a whole story in under forty pages, with only one or two sentences on a page, while still being entertaining and original? Not easy!! So what is my real favorite? All of the above, depending on the day.

The other aspects of myself are just as layered, or at least it seems that why when I try and pin down the real me. I can get it down to four or five of me.. but not one comprehensive me that fits all of my interests, feelings, and activities. Maybe I have issues, but I rather enjoy the ability to shift and change to fit into the very different parts of my life easily. But if I had multiple personalities for real they would not be aware of each other. right? Right??

Do you ever feel the same way? Like there are several different yous that take turns being the 'real you'?
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