Early Book Review: Resisting Mr. Tall, Dark and Texan

Resisting Mr. Tall Dark and Texan by Christine Rimmer is scheduled for release on June 21 2011. The story follows one hard working Texan, and his sassy assistant who both have big dreams for the future. Ethan Traub is getting ready to bring the family oil business to Thunder Canyon. All he needs to make everything work out is his extremely capable assistant, who also works as his housekeeper. Lizzie Landry spoils him rotten, and does all of her duties, and is best friends with her boss. However, as Ethan is getting ready for the change in his business Lizzie is ready to make a change of her own. It is the perfect time for her to strike out on her own and put her baking skills to good use. She wants to make her dream come true and start a bakery like the one her mother had when Lizzie was young. Ethan is not ready to let his essential right hand woman go, and he is willing to do just about anything to keep her by his side.

Resisting Mr. Tall Dark and Texan was a quick read, with a decent story. I am glad that I read it; however, do not think that it is a book that would make its way into my permanent collection. Lizzie is the perfect woman; she is smart, can cook, is willing to clean up after a man, and does not force him to give up his bachelor life but will not settle for being less than a wife. Ethan is a great thick headed, but sweet alpha male. Unfortunately, I felt like I only knew who these characters were because I had seen them before. Rimmer did a good job of passing the story and keeping me reading, but I felt like there was a chapter about the main characters that I missed somewhere. There was also a good deal of set up for the Montana Mavericks series that this book begins, though I felt like I missed something in some of the character descriptions there as well.

Overall, I recommend Resisting Mr. Tall Dark and Texan to fans of Christine Rimmer and the contemporary romance line from Harlequin. It was a decent read for a lazy Saturday, but is not a book that I will rave about to my friends and encourage everyone to read. The copy I read was in digital format from Netgalley.
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