E is for Eventually

E is for eventually, a word I have been using a lot lately. Eventually I will have a new car, rather than a hand me down. Eventually I will get more hours at work, if only some people would retire. Eventually I will get my craft corner put together so that I have a separate space for writing and crafting. Eventually I will gt more bookcases. Eventually I will get that mulch and get it put down. Eventually I will get a new refrigerator and the drying vent run done. Eventually my mint will grow, my strawberries will be ready to harvest, my potatoes with slow down and I will be a happy harvester. Eventually I will not have to pay for preschool anymore.

I try not to get lost in these eventuallies, or let them overwhelm me so much that they become nevers. Normally when my to-do list gets big is when I am at my most productive. However, when there are more things on the list that I simply cannot do at the moment than those I can get working on i have trouble getting myself in gear to do much of anything. Lately this has even included writing. Hence my running late for my Z to A posts for no good reason. Never mind the articles that I already have the research or outlines done for and just need to put together. Oh and the big stack of galleys and library books I need to read... of my.

I'll get it all done, eventually.
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