F is for fresh air

F is for fresh air, something that many of us take for granted. However; when the pollen counts get high, rain hangs around for days on end, volcanoes erupt and other crises make themselves know here and around the world we need to stop and appreciate the sunshine and fresh air while we can. We need to take advantage of the fresh air that we have, and do our best to keep the environment healthy so that there will still be fresh air when our kids are our age. This is the easiest time of year for healthy living, with fresh fruits and veggies starting to become more abundant, and available from local sellers.

So today my kids and I are going outside, before the next round of rain they promise us with, and enjoy a day of sun even if the grass is still wet and it is humid and more than a little gross out. Because who knows when the next nice day will be, and when we will be able to enjoy it again.
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