D is for disbelief

D is for disbelief, a feeling that overcomes me just about every time I watch television. What triggered my disbelief enough to inspire my much delayed D post in the Z to A challenge? This time it was a commercial with Rachel Ray, Dr. Phil ad members of the Channel 8 news team doing a promo for the w8totxt program. I still have trouble believing that people do not realize that sending and reading text messages while driving is a bad idea. I find it even more unbelievable that a little rubber ring on the thumb is necessary to remind people that it is not a bright idea. The people that do not think that it is silly to read and write while driving are going to keep on doing whatever they want until they cause an accident and kill someone. The Connecticut law banning talking on a cellphone while driving has worked so well (note the sarcasm) that more often than not the people I see chatting with a phone held up to their ear are the police officers that are supposed to be enforcing the ban. (Yes I think that they do have more important things to do than looking at other cars to see who is on the phone, unless they are a danger on the road, but I also think they should set a good example).

Then, of course, are the eaters and coffee sippers(which I have done, and admit to), the grooming set (hair, make up, shaving) and any number of amazing things that people do while driving. People never cease to amaze me. A friend witnessed someone eating while driving, which I normally am okay with to a certain extent. However, the gentleman in question was swerving, going very slowly, and eating his dinner off a plate with cutlery while driving down a main road- and sadly that is not the strangestdestracted driver that I have seen or heard about.

Okay, I will end my rant now :)
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