Q is for quality

Q is for quality, something that I always try to place more importance on than quantity. I try to do this in all aspects of my life, not just in my writing. I used to feel a sincere need to finish any book that I started, or even more obsessively, every book I ever brought home from the library or that made its way into my hands through friends or family. Now? If it does not have me eager to turn the page, and I do not have the desire to read on, I simply do not. There are some many other things I could do with my time than write a crappy article or story, or reading something that does not interest me.

Time with my friends and family is important to me as well, and I find that just about any time I get to spend with them is quality as long as we are interacting rather than just watching a movie or television- although that can be nice on occasion too. I nurture the quality relationships, but admit to letting several phone calls or email go unmade because I have trouble just calling or writing to say hello. It is the same with commenting to things on blogs, facebook, articles, etc. I do not leave comments just to let people know I was there, if I did I would spend time I could otherwise spending reading the next post or enjoying another story writing platitudes. I save commenting to answering direct questions or when I feel that I can add something significant to the discussion. If I really like what someone has to say then I would rather garner them a few extra clicks and possibly a few pennies by exploring more of their writing than leaving an "I was here" post. Some people might feel ignored by my lack of commenting, but that is never intended. Rather I try to live by the old saying "Better people think you a fool, than you open your mouth and prove it to be true', or something like that.
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