P is for Procrastination

P is for Procrastination, which is part of why this post is being made at this hour. The kids, cooking, playing chauffeur, my regular job obviously need to come first. But finishing off a book to review, and working on my latest craft project usually push aside things that are just as easy, but hold less interest to me, such as writing an assignment that is important but just does not grab me. An article that is being made for the money or because I want to stretch my comfort zone, rather than because I love the topic tends to wait until I finish cleaning up after dinner and the house is quiet. Blog posts that actually take a little work, like deciding which P word to feature, wait until after I repot some plants and get to a logical place in my crochet work.

At work I tend to plow through all the quick jobs and then tackle the big ones, partially because that allows me to check more things off my done list. Since there I have someone to answer to rather than just my own feeling of guilt at the end of the day I guess that I just want to have those extra check marks on my side. However, I also find that the more I need to get done, home or work related, the more motivated I am do get everything done. If I only have a couple things going on, I feel less pressure and am that much more likely to get nothing done. Bring on the challenges, the work, and i will amaze everyone with what I can do. Let me coast by with no projects or to do list and I will be lost on Facebook and Twitter even more than usual.

Do you procrastinate more with a short to do list than a long one?
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