O is for Out of Synch

Ever just feel like you are out of synch with the world? Just a half beat off of the people around you, so that you feel out of step and a little frazzled. Well, I'm out of synch for the moment. It started with a massive virus outbreak out work, computers are barely functioning for what needs to be done to check people in and out, no one wants to risk logging into anything else just in case someone is paying attention and the virus tracks passwords or spreads further. The virus has been circling for almost two weeks now, and I am beginning to think the town wants it to stay there so that no one will be online from work at all- even though we actually need the internet to place book orders and inter library loans among other things. But no reason to consider the logistics of how the library actually functions. I wont even get into the renewed threat from the state to cut funding to the state library- and in turn all services to the blind, deaf and between town libraries. But law makers will not understand how much that might affect them until they go into a library and are told they can no longer check anything out because they live in a different town. That is where this will all end up if a particular set of cuts comes down. But I have strayed a little off topic.

Then blogger went down, completely destroying my great streak of blogging on time with each letter, for each challenge. *sigh* I am still trying to get back into the swing of things- almost there. I am also out of synch musically. I finally got a new iPod- a touch with lots of memory. So I have to re synch all my playlists and get my silly thing loaded with more music. The tiny little thing can also hold ebooks and I have read two on it so far- it works well, but the tiny font of the books that come through as pdfs has me considering reading glasses. See, I have gone off topic again. I am scattered and out of step. I need a good nights sleep, a chance to deep clean the house and some serious writing time to get back into step. No idea when this will happen- but you will know at least some of it has happened when I start making sense again.
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