The First Escape by G. P. Taylor

The First Escape by G. P. Taylor is a children’s book, which begins The Dopple Ganger Chronicles, which promises to be a six book series, about the Dopple twins and their friend Erik Ganger. The story opens with the Dopple twins dominating at an orphanage, playing pranks and getting themselves into trouble. Erik is their only friend, and helps them get into and out of trouble. An older woman, who happens to be a major funder of the orphanage, comes and chooses one of the twins to come and live with her, while the other must stay behind. Both sisters are at a loss with out the other and get themselves into life altering trouble, risking life and limb.

The First Escape combines many different things and makes it work. The format is part typical text, and part graphic novel with both animation-inspired illustrations and photograph quality images used to great effect through the book. While this technique is not actually new, it is still not very common, and it is done well with The First Escape.The story and action move quickly, keeping the pages turning and the readers mind whirling. Gothic settings and story elements are prominent; filled with scheming, mystery and humor that keep everything moving forward. I recommend The First Escape to those of the pre teen and tween set, particularly those that enjoyed Lemony Snicket and similar kinds of book series‘.My thanks to NetGalley for another book I might have otherwise missed!
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