X is for Xanth

X is for Xanth, which is the name of a book series and the world created by Piers Anthony. The titles for books in this series are delightful, and usually groan worthy, puns. The first book in the series, A Spell for Chameleon, was published in1977. At my last count the series was up to number thirty five to be released in 2011, and more on the way. I read this series, and those by Orson Scott Card and David Eddings in the nineties- and as such have fallen seriously behind in my reading from all three authors.

In Xanth there are supernatural and mythical creatures of all kinds, and humans are generally born with unique and specific magical talents. Xanth is not completely isolated, it has a connection to the 'real' world or Mundania, where normal 'mundane' individuals dwell. Charters from Xanth can travel there, and every now and then a mundane will stumble into Xanth.

The books are funny, surprising and never get old. I am currently planning to add the entire series to my permanent collection. Thankfully the series, and others by Anthony, are being released in collections, two or three per book. I will certainly be taking advantage of this option as soon as budget and space constraints are a little looser.
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