W is for Writing

W is for the why's, where and how you write. Do you write for the money (ha!)? Do you write because you love it? Because you have ideas and thoughts in your head that you just NEED to get out? Because you want to share a piece of yourself with others? Or for some other completely unrelated reasons?

I write for a combination of these reasons. I write because I enjoy it. Because I love to read and learn and want to share the things that I think others might want to know, or books they might want to explore for themselves.A little money for my efforts will always be accepted, of course, but that is not my motivation for my writing. I write to keep myself thinking, challenged and growing as a person. Sometimes I fear that my mind has melted to the same state as my young children, and writing helps my exercise my mind and keep it going. I feel the need to be doing all the time. I always have an article, some creative writing or idea for something floating around in my head waiting to make its way out. I usually also have at least one book on my 'currently reading' shelf, a crafty project and something else going on too. Trying to stay sharp- lol.

Some people have very specific ways that they write. An office chair and desk, music or complete silence, something consistent that they use to frame their mindset while writing. Me? not so much. Generally I am writing articles about books, life and gardening while in my living room being a mom. My netbook balanced on my lap or arm of the couch depending on how crazy the kids are being. When the weather is nice, my spot often switches to outside in a lawn chair between helping the kids refrain from killing each other and scaling the magnolia tree. I love it when I can write outside.My background noise is most often children's music or television as well as my kids- I can quote those Leapfrog videos from beginning to end. And despite some frustrated moments of having come up with a perfect phrase and not being able to get it written right away- I would not trade my time with my children for anything.

My creative writing tends to wait until the younger set is in bed. A glass of wine and going back and editing the beginning of my novels in progress and trying to decide how to wrap each one up tends to go better for me at a desk. No kids, cats or television. Music is a yes, though no set soundtrack for me- it depends on the day and my mood.

What are your writing why's and wherefores?
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