Z is for Zynga

Z is for Zynga, a company that sucks up far too much of my online time. I admit it, I play Farmville and Mafia Wars. I used to play more games, but I had to cut them out. I just did not care about the other ones and they were simply sucking up too much of my free time. There is just something about community games that suck me in. That is why I refuse to enter the world of WOW, Ultima, or any other massive multi player game. I would spend all my free time (ha, what free time!) lost in their worlds. Instead I lose myself in reading, writing and crafting. Much more productive.

Zynga is the company that continues to inundate Facebook and MySpace users with new games to entertain and addict us. I might have said goodbye to YoVille, Treasure Island and Vampire Wars; but friends have in turn added the new CityVille, Frontire Ville, Cafe World, and others that I quickly block. If you do not play these games, and have friends that do, I suggest using the handy "block application" feature that you can access by clicking on the x on the top right hand corner of related posts. Unless of course you would like to join the madness?? Mwahaw ha ha..

I often find myself happily playing away on Farmville or Mafia Wars while cursing Zynga at the same time. Rather like my relationship with chocolate. I do not really NEED it, but I am a much nicer person after I have had my fill.
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