D is for Done

It is a great feeling when you can label something as done. Whether it is a to do list, craft project, cleaning jaunt or writing and editing a specific piece. Saturday night I was able to label an article and a crochet project as done, it felt wonderful. Sometimes finishing a book that I like has the same feeling of accomplishment, especially when I have a huge backlog of other things I want to read. Like right now. Discovering NetGalley is a blessing and a curse all rolled up into one! (Thanks LC for that! And if you are a reader that doesn't know what NetGalley is, you are probably safer for it).

Calling a written piece done is a lot harder, because of the editing process. I find it easier with the factual and how to articles than with creative works. With non fiction there is a certain amount of just simply right or wrong, rather than the subjectivity that can be used to judge a creative work. I'll leave that train of thought alone, since I covered that in my A blog post.

Cleaning is something that just never gets labeled as 'done' in my house. It could be if I could get a few hours alone in the house, but that just does not happen. A four year old and a two year old are not the great helpers they think they are. Boy do they love to try though.

I love marking things off my to do list as done. Getting my gardening started and my new plot planned and started feels fantastic. We have been in the house since August, but there are still some things on that master to do list that have yet to be marked as 'done'. However, the change of Winter to Spring has motivated my husband and I to get back to that list, and getting things done. I know there will always be a list, that is part of being a homeowner. But the challenges and projects let me mark things off as done and enjoy that feeling of accomplishment until three new things are added to the list.

As for now? I count this blog post as done!
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