C is for Cravings

Everyone has cravings, for food, things, thoughts, whatever. Food wise we all crave things that are a little different. For me it is coffee,chocolate, or diet coke. Yum... I love my caffeine laden treats.

Coffee is the fuel that keeps me going. Caffeine is my only real addictions. So coffee, particularly mocha, really is the only thing that I have every single day. The smell of brewing coffee is enough to start waking me up in the morning, even on those mornings which begin with my four year old having a nightmare at 1:30am and me never making it back to my own bed. Between the four year old and the two year old those nights happen more often than I care to think about.

Chocolate.. mmmmm. I like my chocolate and the coffee the same way. Dark, creamy and rich. Dark chocolate is my absolute favorite. The least amount of sugar in the mix the better. But on the opposite end of the spectrum I do enjoy white chocolate. Which is not really chocolate and is much sweeter.

Diet coke and coffee both became part of my life in college. I remember the semester that I lived with my a friend that was beautiful and half my weight. Size zero... I still cannot comprehend that as a real size, but all that is besides the point. One semester we each had our own coffee pots and gigantic coffee cups. Most of what we ate and drank that year started with c. Coffee, diet coke, multi grain cheerios, and baby carrots were staples in our dorm room. Pop tarts and goldfish also made regular appearances. Before that year I was never really into diet anything. I just ate a reasonable balance of things and tries to control my desires for chocolate. But, we would chop together, and diet coke was just always there. So I would drink it. Now, if I want a soda, it is generally Diet Coke. Although a Mr. Pibb, Dr. Pepper or Fresca are always welcome additions.

What do I crave beyond the realm of food and beverages. Quiet, peace, sleep.. the same things any parent craves. I want my kids to be happy and healthy, and would like the same for my husband and I as well as everyone else I know and care about. I crave a safe, reliable car. Something that seems to be exceedingly elusive the last few weeks. I crave a unlimited library, unlimited garden space and the unlimited time to make use of such treasures. I crave a nanny and a housekeepers and the ability to be a professional student, ah to be independently wealthy. I crave many things, big and small. Some I should have, like that car and some sleep, and some things I should not have, like limitless dark chocolate. Yumm.. chocolate.

What was I saying? Oh, cravings.What do you crave?
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