Pale Demon by Kim Harrison

Pale Demon is the ninth book of The Hollows series by Kim Harrison, and honestly had me scared that it might be the last. The urban fantasy tale ramps up the energy and show that Harrison has not lost her edge. This installment of The Hollows has Rachel still shunned as a black witch and Trent coming for a favor. While Rachel is traveling to the West Coast for her brother's wedding, she is also facing a meeting with the Coven, who is supposed to remove her shunning. Trent wants her to travel with him and make sure they both make it to the coast alive, which is more challenging than it should be. The Coven does not seem to be holding to its bargain and Trent has elven assassins on his tail to prevent him from completing the mission that has him heading to the West Coast. Oh, and then there is the demon that enjoys eating people. Things only get more complicated from there, and Rachel might just have to spend the rest of her life in the Ever After.

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