My Favorite Hero

I was thinking about the characters that really draw me into a novel, regardless of genre. The hero I love is the one that appears to have it all together, except for one aspect of their lives. In romance, this often comes in the form of a powerful man, whether in wealth or physical strength, that is at a complete loss when it comes to talking to women or children. Or a heroine with great promise in most of her life but one flaw that leads to a funny situation, such as bad eyesight or pechant for falling.

In fantasy or science fiction this often comes in the form of a person with extreme powers or intelligence that is clumsy or has a terrible sense of direction and consistently ends up lost. I just love a main character that is flawed in some way. Is this because I enjoy some comic relief, which these flaws often bring into play? Or do I just love those problem moments that make the most powerful or vibrant characters seem more real, more like myself?
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