Early Book Review: A Place For Pluto by Stef Wade, Melanie Demmer

A Place For Pluto was written by Stef Wade and illustrated by Melanie Demmer. This informational picturebook is currently scheduled for release on August 1 2018.Pluto got the shock of his life when he was kicked out of the famous nine. His planet status was stripped away, leaving him lost and confused. On his quest to find a place where he belongs, he talks to comets, asteroids, and meteoroids. He doesn't fit it anywhere! But when Pluto is about to give up, he runs into a dwarf planet and finally finds his place in the solar system. 
A Place For Pluto tells the story of Pluto's change of status to dwarf planet from Pluto's point of view. The poor guy was crushed! As he searches the universe for anyone like himself readers not only learn a bit about space and the things in it, but they also get a lesson in acceptance, friendship, and self discovery. The artwork is bright and cute, with small blurbs of explanatory text about who Pluto comes across in space. Pluto talks to other planets, Halley's Comet, asteroids, and more until he finds other dwarf planets and discovers what he his. I like that after his journey he returns home to find his old friends missed him and now has more friends than ever before. I only wish he could have been happy with himself before finding a label, because putting people in categories is not always the best path, but it worked for the story and can be used to start discussions. There are extra materials included at the end of the book to encourage more reading and research on the subject, which could be helpful and curiosity inducing. 

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