Book Review: The Danger Gang and the Pirates of Borneo by Stephen Bramucci, Arree Chung

The Danger Gang and the Pirates of Borneo is a middle grade novel written by Stephen Bramucci, and illustrated by Arree Chung. Ronald Zupan is a daring master adventurer! But he actually hasn't experienced any grand adventures yet! When his world-traveling parents are kidnapped on his twelfth birthday, Ronald seizes the chance to prove himself with a dazzling, danger-defying rescue operation. Teaming up with his trusty butler Jeeves, his quick-witted fencing nemesis Julianne Sato, and his pet cobra Carter, Ronald sets course for the jungle of Borneo where his parents were last sighted. If they can crash-land a plane and outrun a hungry snow leopard, surely they can find the secret lair of Zeetan Z, the world's most ruthless pirate! But as their adventure becomes more and more dangerous, can Ronald and his companions muster enough courage to see this adventure through?
The Danger Gang and the Pirates of Borneo is a fun adventure for middle grade readers. Ronald is the best adventurer ever, just ask him. With big ideas, grand plans, and an ego bigger than life Ronald is eager to jump in feet first regardless of the consequences. I liked the full blown adventure, and the eagerness the younger adventure goers dive into the mystery and adventure. I think my favorite character was the poor butler, not really named Jeeves, who follows all of Ronald's journal entries with comments and commentary of his own. I will admit that I occasionally lost interest and set the book aside, but always ended up picking it back up. I think my issue was that I have known too many adults like Ronald- people that think their perception of the world is true despite all evidence to the contrary. At first it was fun and made me laugh, but the number of people that live their lives like that made it much less enjoyable for me. However, that's on me rather than an issue with the author and the story. 
The Danger Gang and the Pirates of Borneo is a fun and quirky adventure that I think will be a favorite among many middle grade readers. Just because it did not hit the right chord with me, there is no reason to think it will not resonate with others. 

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