Book Review: Choice by Andrea Loredo

Choice by Andrea Loredo is a novella length fantasy. It feels like the second book in a series, but I can find no information on previous, or later, books. 
Ser Mirele Heine is a Guardian, sworn to protect the royal family. One night, after being oddly called away to slay a dragon in another province, Mirele and hir companions are ambushed. They rush back to the castle to find a coup is underway. Mirele manages to escape with hir charge, Princess Shahira de Granius. As the two go into hiding and move from town to town, Shahira grapples with her conflicting feelings over the slaughter of her family, and Mirele struggles with the dark secret ze harbors and hir own affections for the princess. 
Choice is a story that I enjoyed, but was also a little disappointed with at the same time. I was glad that I got a good deal of the backstory I wanted in the beginning towards the end of the book. I liked the characters, but felt like I could have gotten a little more development even in the short book. I will admit that I was distracted by the alternate pronouns, although once I figured out it was because Mirele was non binary rather than it being a part of the fantasy setting it made more sense to me. I liked the story, but think it would be better served as part of a larger work- because I felt like there as so much more that could be done with the characters, setting, and conflicts that ran as the backdrop.

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