Early Book Review: If a Horse Had Words by Kelly Cooper, Lucy Eldridge

If a Horse Had Words is a picturebook written by Kelly Cooper and illustrated by Lucy Eldridge.  It is currently scheduled for release on June 5 2018. Red Badger is a newborn foal learning to stand when she slips and gets stuck in a muddy badger hole. It is a young boy who frees her, and his kindness and gentleness mark the beginning of their friendship — though she will always be wary of the ground that briefly trapped her. As the seasons pass on the ranch, Red Badger learns more about her world: Fall is leaf rustle and fence posts. Winter is white hills and long nights. The boy is hay, a gentle touch, playing in the snow and the sweet smell of peppermints. If a horse had words, the word would be friend. 
If a Horse Had Words is a picturebook about friendship told from the horse's point of view. It gives a cool perspective that animal loving readers, and horse loving readers in particular, will enjoy and get something special from. The book also felt like it was trying to help readers with learning new words, particularly about seasons. It felt a little overbearing at times, but might make it more useful for helping struggling readers that love horses learn those words. However, it was a little too text heavy to work for those that are really struggling. The artwork is nice, it reminded me of the classic illustrations in Golden Books from my own childhood. All together, I think this book has a niche audience, one that I do not quite fit into.

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