Book Review: Fake Wife (Crazy Love) by Stacey Lynn

Fake Wife is the first book in the Crazy Love series by Stacey Lynn. Corbin is rich and famous, and grieving for the only family member that every really supported him. He loved his grandmother, and does not want her money- he just wants the home where he felt welcomed rather than letting his father bulldoze it and build a mall. The only way for that to happen is to abide by his grandmother's will by falling in love and getting married within six months. Teagan just lost her job, and in one fell swoop her cheating boyfriend and the home they shared. After packing up her car she rear ends Corbin, Portland's most eligible bachelor. An unbelievable bargain puts everything in motion, a deal that could make everyone's dreams come true. But, attraction, emotion, and misunderstandings are not the easiest to deal with and just might ruin everything.

Fake Wife is a story with a great set up, and characters that really grabbed me. Corbin might be rich, but he has few people he could trust, and the only family that every really showed him unconditional love and support has just passed away. Still reeling from the loss of his grandmother, he discovers that her will stipulates to get the only inheritance he wants, the home and land he loves, he needs to get married within six months and stay married for at least two years. When a beautiful, hot mess rear ends his car he sees the perfect opportunity to help her, and to help himself. Teagan is at a loss with what to do. She has dreams that have been put on hold because of her now ex-boyfriend, and no way to make them come true. Marrying the celebrity that she has been watching on social media, even as part of a contract that will garner her the funds to achieve her dreams, starts off as a dream but quickly becomes clouded as passion and emotion brings on misunderstandings and worries for both of them. Trying to protect themselves lead both Corbin and Teagan to jump to conclusions and make everything more challenging. I loved getting to see the pair get to know each other, and slowly reveal bits of themselves with each other. I enjoyed getting a deeper look at both of them, and liked both characters a lot- they are multilayered and I felt for both of them as I got to know them. I will admit to wanting to throttle them a few times, as they jumped to conclusions rather than talking things out or admitting their emotions to each other- all because they were afraid to get hurt. But, even then I could understand why they had their fears. I liked that there were good friends and secondary characters introduced, and built up, I only hope that we see them find their happily ever after in the books that follow.

Fake Wife is a fast, fun read with plenty of emotion and chemistry. I greatly enjoyed the read and look forward to getting my hands on the second book in this series, Knocked Up, is currently scheduled for release this summer.

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