Book Review: Its Not a Date by Heather Blakemore

Its Not a Date by Heather Blakemore is a contemporary romance. Entrepreneur and innovator Kadrienne Davenport gets results. A demanding executive and stickler for punctuality, Kade throws herself into work to avoid hurting anyone, convinced she only causes pain to those she loves. When Jennifer Spencer meets an incognito Kade at a conference, sparks fly. But when Kade unexpectedly becomes her boss, Jen’s problems multiply. The company she founded is going broke, her grandmother’s dementia is worsening, and her attraction to Kade; her difficult, brilliant, charismatic mentor, is growing. Kade’s desire to keep things professional between them is in Jen’s best interest. Yet what’s in Kade’s best interest is Jen.

Its Not a Date is a modern romance where family obligation, business, and trust issues all come into play. For me, this made the characters and the story more belivable- because we all have at least one of these things complicating our lives at some point. Kade's childhood has made her blame hersdelf for things outside her control, and made her rigid in many ways. Jen focuses on the love and good in her life, but does not want to lose her company or her ailing grandmother as she struggles to balance everything. I enjoyed many of the secondary characters as much as the struggling couple, and loved that each had a support system and trials of their own as they struggled with what they want, need, and how to get there. Both Kade and Jen had emotional journeys along the way, and I think Kade had huge changes and revelations as she grew through the story. I think the growth and development of the characters was extremely well done and tugged at my heart just as much as any of the romantic journey. I look forward to reading more from this author, particularly if she continues writing such well developed and dynamic characters. 

Its Not a Date was a fun and heart warming romance. I enjoyed Kade's journey to find love and trust, in herself as much as for Jen. A well written story with characters that left me hoping for their future long after the book was over. 

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