Early Book Review: Inky the Octopus: Bound for Glory by Erin Guendelsberger

 Inky the Octopus by Erin Guendelsberger is a picturebook based on a real story, but from the perspective of the octopus in question. It is currently scheduled for release on April 3 2018.  This story chronicles the adventure that the real-life Inky might have taken on his escape to freedom in the open ocean from the National Aquarium of New Zealand in 2016. After the entertaining tale, there is a more text heavy recounting of his adventure, tales of other aquarium house octopi, and facts about different kinds of octopi. 

Inky the Octopus is an easy read, with fun rhymes and basic text to make it accessible to a wide variety of readers. The story is fun, and the art work is bright and adds details and humor to the story. For the adults and more advanced children reading the story, I found the real accounting and news articles referred to at the end of the book to be funny and well worth taking the time to explore. I also liked the facts about other clever octopi, and the different types of octopi in the world, to be very interesting and entertaining. I already knew they were smart and could squeeze into tight places, making them masters of escape, it was neat to see this collection of stories and information dealt with with humor and respect for the creatures.

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