Early Book Review: Switched (Fairy Tale Reform School) by Jen Calonita

Switched is the fourth book in the Fairy Tale Reform School series by Jen Calonita and is currently scheduled for release on March 6 2018. . It is helpful to read this series in order, although the action is reasonably self contained, the relationships and backstory add a great deal to the story as a whole.

Things at Fairy Tale Reform School are great. Rumpelstiltskin has been ousted, and everyone is buzzing about the fact that Beauty and Prince Sebastian (a.k.a. the Beast) have joined the teaching staff. Everyone, that is, except Gilly, who can’t seem to focus on anything but Anna. How is it that her beloved sister somehow went bad and joined up with Rump? And why doesn’t anyone seem to care? Sure, the Royal Court says they’re working on it, but they’ve got exactly nothing to show for it. But when new kid Jack joins FTRS with tales of his own family being snatched by Rump, Gilly knows she’s in good company. Jack wants answers, just like Gilly. And if the Royal Court can’t get the job done, then maybe it’s time to break some rules.

Switched is a lot of build up, for what I felt was very little action. New characters were introduced and lots of introspection, second guessing, and angst on Gilly's part were the main points of the book. I like that we got to meet AG (Allison Grace or daughter of Beauty and the Beast) and Jack of Beanstalk fame and I liked the way their characters fleshed out. I loved the magical library and Beast's character, but wanted more time with each. I felt like too much of this book was getting the new characters into place, and getting Gilly to where she needed to be (mentally, emotionally, and physically). Once the climax hit, I felt like it all happened way too quickly and easily. I just wanted more, but I am not sure what, so I cannot even point to the moment that let me down. I think I just had such high expectations that there was no way the reality of the book could match my anticipation.

Switched is a lot of what I expected, but a little less. It was still a fun read with a good deal of characters insight, but I felt like it was lacking the tension and compelling nature of the previous books. 

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