Book Review: Wolf Hunger (SWAT) by Paige Tyler

Wolf Hunger is the seventh book in the SWAT series by Paige Tyler. While the romance is not dependent on having read the previous books in the series, the danger, conflict, and some character building was done in the previous books. So, if you are a reader that wants to understand all the lore and whys behind the main characters and big bads I highly recommend reading this series in order, if you can let go of that and enjoy the characters focused on in the story at hand, then feel free to read out of order and enjoy.

When SWAT Officer Max Lowry meets Lana Mason, he falls fast and hard. He’s positive she’s The One. And Max’s favorite part? Lana’s a wolf shifter too, so they can skip the awkward reveal and head straight to the happily ever after. There’s just one problem: Lana doesn’t know that she’s a werewolf.  To make matters worse, hunters with intent to kill have tracked Lana to Dallas. Max has to figure out how to keep Lana safe, show her who and what she really is—and just how much she means to him.

Wolf Hunger follows the larger story arc about hunters and danger for werewolves. Readers that have not followed the series might not be ready for how much of the story focuses on the danger and suspense element that is connected to that. I like that Lana has a good head on her shoulders, and that even though she trusts Max she did not just shrug and move on after she was shown the truth of werewolves. She had a nice freak out, as any sane person tossed into chaos might. I also like how the community of werewolves, and police in town, changes and grows through the book. People are so much more than they seem, and I liked getting a glimpse at the deeper aspects of some of the secondary characters that have peppered earlier books. I found Max's conflicts and personal history to be well handle and still heart breaking. It was an important part of the story, and one of the most compelling parts. My only big issue with the book is the non story that surrounded Lana and Max's romance. It was kind of glossed over, and I found myself more interested in Lana's parents and Max's issues than them as a couple. 

Wolf Hunger is a good read, and I liked the story. It just did not wow me, and I thought the emotional and relationship development could have had a little more to it. 

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